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Women's Legislative Caucus
Legislative Review - Supported Bills

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Repeal of Spousal Defense

Repealing a certain prohibition on prosecuting a person for rape or a certain sexual offense against a victim who was the person's legal spouse at the time of the alleged rape or sexual offense.

Establishing the Correctional Ombudsman in the Office of the Attorney General

After the horrifying case that received coverage last fall of a woman being forced to give birth alone in jail, it became incredibly clear that there was a serious lack of oversight in the Department of Corrections. 

Reproductive Freedom Amendment

Establishing that every person, as a central component of an individual's rights to liberty and equality, has the fundamental right to reproductive freedom; and prohibiting the State from denying the right.

Requiring Public Higher Education Institutions to Create Reproductive Health Services Plans

Requiring each public senior higher education institution, in consultation with students, to develop and implement a reproductive health services plan to provide at the institution or to refer students to a comprehensive range of reproductive health services.

Prohibiting a Requirement to Testify about a Legal Abortion in a State Banning Abortion

Prohibiting a judge from requiring a person to give certain testimony or a statement or to produce evidence in another state for a case involving an alleged violation of the criminal law of the other state relating to legally protected health care.

Protecting Medical Records Involving Reproductive Health Services

Regulating the disclosure of certain information related to legally protected health care by custodians of public records, health care providers, health information exchanges, and dispensers.

Prohibiting Insurance Providers from Charging a Co-Pay on Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Examinations

Prohibiting insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations that provide coverage for diagnostic and supplemental breast examinations from imposing a copayment, coinsurance, or deductible requirement for the examination.

Additional Funding for the Childcare Scholarship Program

Increasing funding for the Child Care Scholarship Program and limiting the circumstances under which the Program may be frozen. Requiring certain reimbursement rates and income eligibility requirements for the Program. Prohibiting the copayment levels for the Program from exceeding certain copayment levels.

Family Prosperity Act of 2023

Altering the percentage of the federal earned income tax credit used for determining the amount that an individual may claim as a refund under the Maryland earned income tax credit under certain circumstances and repealing a certain limitation on the amount certain individuals may claim as a refund under the credit.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Requires that potential employers be more open about wages, benefits, and promotion opportunities when they are hiring. Additionally, the bill requires employers to provide their employees with a wage range, so they may understand the value of their position within the entire industry. An employer is not allowed to punish or refuse to hire an individual because they requested the wage range or exercised any of their other rights outlined in this bill.

Outdoor Preschool License Pilot Program

Creates the Outdoor Preschool License Pilot Program, allowing preschools and early childcare facilities to base their schools around nature-based learning. The department that oversees the implementation of this bill will create an advisory group of experts to ensure the bill is achieving its two goals. Firstly, this bill intends to make childcare programs more affordable and of higher quality, especially in areas that are struggling to access them. Secondly, this bill will investigate the merits of these types of programs.

Taskforce on Preventing and Responding to Nonconsensual Sexual Imagery

Establishes a task force to address the problem of "cyber-flashing", in which unwanted sexual images are sent via text message, direct message, or other digital means.

Higher Education Policy for Pregnant and Parenting Students

Requires institutions of higher education to create a policy for pregnant and parenting students that is consistent with Title IX.

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