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Women Legislators of Maryland

Celebrating Their 51st Anniversary

Created in February of 1972, the Women Legislators of Maryland was born out of the need to "push for the recognition of women and their abilities," to quote the late Senator Rosalie Abrams. Delegate Pauline Menes fought to have the interests of women represented in formal Standing Committee settings and 50 years later, we are still working as a bicameral and bipartisan caucus to push agendas that represent the interests of women and children. We hope that by showing our bipartisan support for carefully chosen pieces of legislation, we can work as a unified front to tackle the growing needs of the women who reside in the great state of Maryland.

Women’s Caucus Announces 2023 Legislative Priorities: Childcare, Criminal Justice, and Healthcare

The Women Legislators of Maryland is announcing its 2023 legislative priorities, which focus on policies promoting women’s economic justice, criminal justice reform, and healthcare. 

Before any work can be done to ensure the rights and abilities of women in Maryland, we must first ensure their safety. That is why the Women’s Caucus has taken a particularly strong stance on criminal justice reform this session. We believe the following bills will exceedingly serve women by closing loopholes and filling gaps in the criminal justice system that undermine their safety. 

HB4/ SB129: Repeal of Spousal Defense, Sponsored by Delegate Crutchfield and Senator Beidle

HB64/ SB87: Establishing the Correctional Ombudsman in the Office of the Attorney General, sponsored by Delegate Davis and Senator Hettleman and West

Following the Dobbs decision, the Women’s Caucus re-committed itself to protect the right to choose, for the first time in 40 years. In addition to Speaker Adrienne A. Jones’s Reproductive Freedom Amendment, HB705/SB798, the Women’s Caucus is also supporting the following bills because we believe they serve to protect abortion rights, protect women, and protect Maryland. 

HB477/ SB341: Requiring Public Higher Education Institutions to Create Reproductive Health Services Plans, sponsored by Delegates Ariana Kelly and Stephanie Smith and Senator Brian Feldman. 

HB808/ SB859: Prohibiting a Requirement to Testify about a Legal Abortion in a State Banning Abortion, sponsored by Delegates Nicole Williams and Terri Hill and Senator Will Smith

HB812/ SB786: Protecting Medical Records Involving Reproductive Health Services, sponsored by Delegates Kelly and Rosenberg and Senator Hettleman

Breast cancer is the most widespread form of cancer in Maryland and, as a result, the Women’s Caucus is dedicated to ensuring proper treatment and preventative care. Therefore, we are supporting the following bill, as it will guarantee access to a healthcare service that is critical for women. 

HB376/ SB184: Prohibiting Insurance Providers from Charging a Co-Pay on Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Examinations, sponsored by Speaker Pro-Tem Sample-Hughes and Senator Beidle

Lastly, the Women’s Caucus has declared quality and affordable childcare as one of its policy goals this session and for the long term. We believe that if women can consistently and confidently access childcare, they will be less financially burdened, more capable in the workforce, and overall more successful. We contend that successful women make a successful state, which is why we are adamantly in support of the following legislation. 

HB495/ SB350: Additional Funding for the Childcare Scholarship Program, sponsored by Delegate Solomon and Senator King. 

Additional: The Governor’s Family Prosperity Act, which expands the child tax credit, and continues to support the Speaker’s bill to enshrine abortion rights into the Maryland Constitution, as well as funding for the women’s pre-release center. 

The Caucus has also voted to support the implementation of Childcare for All in Maryland.


The History of the

Women's Caucus

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Women's Caucus Formula Finder

DMV Baby Formula Tracker 


The national baby formula shortage has greatly impacted families in our communities, so the Women's Legislative Caucus of Maryland sought to create an outlet for parents to crowdsource formula sightings and also do an inventory check in real time.  The website also has other valuable information on the infant formula shortage.

Two brilliant recent high school graduates, Wheaton HS alum Matthew Nanas and Clarksburg HS alum Adam Lederer created this tracker for the Women’s Caucus. This fall, Matthew will start at University of Maryland and Adam will begin studies at Montgomery College.

“We are thankful for Matt and Adam’s willingness to step up and use their ingenuity to help Maryland’s families. We are blessed to have such caring and innovative scholars in our state,” said Lopez. 

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