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About the Maryland Women’s Legislative Caucus

The Women’s Caucus is a bipartisan, bi-cameral organization of 82 women legislators serving in the Maryland General Assembly, working together develop policy to improve the quality of life women and their families. Founded in 1972, the Women’s Caucus is the oldest Women’s Legislative Caucus in the nation.

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Who We Are

The Maryland Women’s Legislative Caucus is the First Women’s Caucus in the nation. As the oldest bi-partisan, bi-cameral organization of women legislators, the Women’s Caucus boasts a membership of 82 women and seven associate members who are men.

Our Mission

The key to the organization’s success is its framework, wherein issues can be debated and policies refined, without losing sight of the overall mission: to improve public policy that affects women’s lives and increase the number of women elected and appointed to public office in Maryland.

Our Goals

The mandate of the Women’s Caucus is: to research and develop legislation assisting women; to encourage the greater participation of women in Maryland government; and to communicate and cooperate with other women’s organizations.

Issues We Care About

The Maryland Women’s Caucus is a leader in the Maryland General Assembly on issues that have special impact on women such as gender-based violence, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, and gender disparities in education and employment opportunities.

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