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Congrats to Gov-elect Moore! Now, let's get to work!

On the night of his historic victory, the Women's Legislative Caucus sent their support and congratulations to Governor-elect Wes Moore. Check out a copy of the letter below. We discuss our upcoming policy agenda and launch our WC Talent Pipeline to increase gender representation in appointments.

Dear Governor-elect Moore:

On behalf of the entire Maryland Women’s Legislative Caucus, I would like to congratulate you on your historic victory in the gubernatorial election. We look forward to working with you throughout your tenure to move Maryland forward.

The Women’s Caucus has an ambitious policy agenda planned for this upcoming legislative session, which centers on healthcare, justice and economic reforms. One top priority is supporting Speaker Jones’ legislation proposing a constitutional amendment codifying the right to choose in Maryland. Our caucus-wide vote in support of this legislation marks the first time in four decades that the Women’s Caucus has taken a position in support of reproductive choice– which demonstrates the significance of this moment.

Additional policy issues of key importance to us include establishing stronger protections for pregnant and parenting incarcerated Marylanders and developing an economy that best works for women. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our legislative priorities with you and members of your incoming administration.

Your commitment to gender parity in your upcoming appointments that you made in our candidate questionnaire, is one that we applaud and look forward to helping you fulfill. To assist you in establishing a cabinet that reflects the gender diversity of our state, we have launched the Women’s Caucus Talent Pipeline, where we are collecting resumes from qualified women all over the state who are interested in working for the administration and for lawmakers in Annapolis.

Our entire caucus extends their congratulations and is looking forward to our upcoming years of partnership to improve the lives of Maryland’s women.

Thank you,

Delegate Lesley Lopez

President, Women’s Caucus of Maryland

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